Barny Harris LIVE!

From the soul-stirring geometries of the sun-drenched Southwestern landscape to the mystifying contours found in my Mobius-inspired pieces, we will celebrate nature’s infinite forms in works that are both intimate and broadly accessible.

Please come see me at the opening reception on Friday, September 9th from 5:00 – 7:00pm at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, 200-B Canyon Road in Santa Fe! If you can’t make it then, don’t worry...the exhibition will continue throughout the month of September 2016. This exhibition marks a number of milestones for me – it is a celebration of 36 years spent carving over 200 different types of stone sourced from 43 nations, and it's shortly following my 60th birthday.

My latest Mobius-inspired, seashell-like works in bronze and an array of unusual stones are, to quote a collector, “Nothing short of mind-bending”.

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