What’s not to love about Online Art Galleries?

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Tablets and phones are a portal to the virtual community. My wife, the communication professor, tells me there is an important virtual art world we need to enter.Why? Because those younger than 50 buy, sell, and socialize through that portal: I am very active on Instagram & Facebook but my wife pushed me to start looking at the virtual art world as a place to sell.

Online Art Galleries exist and they can be as sophisticated and exciting a world of art as any major gallery across the world. Here are just a few of the galleries I show with and why we I am so impressed with them.

Saatchi is a well-known name in the international art world. Their online presence is just as reputable. Selling and shipping sculpture can be a challenge but Saatchi has money back guarantees and they take care of all the shipping details including the arrangements for picking up the work from my studio.  

I also love Singulart. They are known as the “online art powerhouse” with 50,000 + artworks from over 80 countries. They have a big European presence and are moving into the Asian art scene. Even though they are large, they have reached out to me with ideas to promote my art. Both of these online galleries make me feel comfortable about selling through them.

So why sell through an online gallery. First, I think some buyers are worried about buying online directly from an Artist’s website. An online gallery feels established for buyers who do not know the artists. Their guarantees and protections make buying art on line a safe and enjoyable process. Second, online galleries have their own clientele. Often they are folks who would not go to a physical gallery or live far away from the artists whose works they buy. And third, a good on-line gallery is always reaching out in the virtual world sharing the art. Just recently Saatchi featured one of my pieces in their wedding collection on their home page ( https://www.saatchiart.com/art-collection/Engagement-Wedding/966144/292959/view .) This is something I would not do on my own website but I love that they featured me this way.  

There are other online sites where I can sell my sculptures for free, but just like a brick and mortar gallery I am willing to share the sale with an online gallery who adds another kind of exposure for my sculpture.

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