T Barny Stone Sculpture
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California sculptor, T Barny, works in concert with stone. By using ancient carving techniques with power tools he creates his visually stunning Mobius, Curvilinear and Superellipsoid Designs. Graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, he has mastered his exploration to a new level of science and design. He has shown in over 80 Galleries and participated in more than 300 group and individual exhibitions worldwide in the past 30 years. He has worked with every type of material including bronze, wood, water, steel and stone. From 1 foot high table top sculptures to 12 foot tall corporate monoliths, T Barny releases inherent forms out of materials from all over the world. “I have taught stone carving in California and New Mexico, and I loved being an artist-in-residence in Carrara, Italy; Tinos, Greece, Woodstock, New York, Vermont and Texas. T Barny’s sculpture pieces are created for interior atmospheres and outdoor landscapes. He has gained the recognition of art collectors who note him as a wise investment and his pieces hold prestigious placement in collections internationally. Take your own studio tour by clicking on the videos in each section of Sculpture For Sale, The Artist, The Gallery and The Studio. Check out What’s New for current show announcements, studio happenings and gallery openings.
"For over three decades, stone is my passion. I’ve been told that abstraction is my fascination and power tools are my forte. I create beautiful, seashell like forms that make you feel good when you touch them and speak to you visually. My studio is located in the beautiful Alexander Valley in the Sonoma County Wine Country of California. It’s where the dust flies and fine sculpture emerges."
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